Lei over McGowan in ping pong classic

Lei over McGowan in ping pong classic

Thu, 12/10/2017 - 09:57
Lei vs McGowan
Lei Kezhong ping pong
Mark McGowan ping pong
Lei Kezhong ping pong
Lei Kezhong Mark McGowan

Western Australia’s Table Tennis Centre in East Victoria Park recently hosted the highest-profile match in its history, with Chinese Consul-General Lei Kezhong challenging Premier Mark McGowan to a game of ping pong.

The match was one of the highlights of the Australia China Business Association-China Chamber of Commerce Australia’s annual ping pong tournament, running in its third iteration in 2017.

Mr Lei was in control throughout the good-natured match, but was surprised by several deft shots from Mr McGowan, who rallied in the second set to force a decisive game three.

But Mr Lei was too good in the third for the premier, showing off a vast array of drop shots and topspin manoeuvres, as well as a devastating serve.

Mr McGowan admitted after the game he was overmatched, largely because his usual opponents across the ping pong table were his two young children.