Alipay drives Golden Week boost for Aussie retailers

Alipay drives Golden Week boost for Aussie retailers

Thu, 11/10/2018 - 11:12
Alipay transaction

Chinese travellers in Australia spent 25 per cent more in 2018's Golden Week, on average, than they did in 2017. Photo: Alipay

China’s Golden Week Holiday has provided a spending surge for Australian retailers, with Alipay transaction volume up 105 per cent compared to last year and individual spending up by 25 per cent.

Alipay transaction volume in Australia over Golden Week was ranked 9th internationally, ahead of any other country outside of Asia.

Australian airports also ranked 3rd worldwide per spend per Alipay user, while Chinatowns in Sydney and Melbourne were among the most popular Chinese districts globally, accounting around 40 per cent of Chinatown transactions over the holiday.

Alipay Australia and New Zealand country manager George Lawson said the increased spending reflected the desirability of Australia as a destination for Chinese travellers.

Australian businesses have embraced the true spending power of Chinese visitors and it is pleasing to see them take simple steps to appeal to this audience, like offering Alipay at the point-of-sale, installing signage in Mandarin and providing discounts and specials during key travel dates,” Mr Lawson said.

Top performing categories in Australia were pharmaceuticals and health supplements, fresh produce and supermarkets.

Alipay has been steadily increasing its rollout in recent years, with more than 10,000 merchants getting on board the digital mobile payment revolution.

“The payments revolution in China resulted in people moving from cash to digital payments, largely missing the concept of ‘tap and go’ card payments,” Mr Lawson said.’

“This has resulted in Chinese consumers being tech-savvy and open to using online information to find the best deal.

“The brands that most effectively engage with the Chinese community are marketing their goods and services before, during and after their visit to Australia to meet this trend.”

Worldwide, Alipay transactions were up by 220 per cent in 2018 compared to Golden Week last year, while those born in between 1970 and 2000 accounted for 96 per cent of total spending.

Hong Kong and China was of course the top destination for Alipay transactions, followed by Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Macau.